Ohio Scrap Yards

The following is a list of scrap yards in the major cities of Ohio:

1. 239 Auto Group, Inc. Auto Salvage Yard      
Clear Title Vehicles, Salvage Title Vehicles, Ready to Buy Vehicles and all types of Auto Parts, garages, auto salvage yard and insurance adjusters                                    
City, State Zip: W. PORTSMOUTH, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 800-365-1680                                        
Toll Free: 800-365-1680                                            
Fax: 740-858-6671                                         
Email: info@239auto.com                                          
2. 250 Auto Wrecking, Inc.                                              
City, State Zip: Harrisville, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 740-546-3521                                        
Toll Free: 888-253-7743                                            
Email: 250auto@1st.net                                            
3. A & C Auto Parts & Wrecking Co.                                                        
A huge inventory of new and used car, truck and van parts, foreign and domestic, is housed in a 35,000 sq. foot modern facility.                                       
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-961-6840                                        
Toll Free: 800-545-6842                                            
Fax: 216-961-8660                                         

4. A & H Salvage                                                     
City, State Zip: Garfield Heights, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 216-587-4940                                        

5. A One Auto & Cycle Salvage                                                     
City, State Zip: Crestline, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 419-683-1485                                        
Fax: 419-683-2128                                         
Email: wreckcars@aol.com                                        

6. A&D Auto Parts and Repair                                                     
A&D Used Auto Parts and Repair, Used auto parts with a 30 day guarantee. We also Buy and Sell cars and trucks domestic and foreign.                                               
City, State Zip: Toledo, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-476-4772                                        
Fax: 419-4764772                                          
Email: aanddautoparts@yahoo.com                                      

7. A-1 Auto Parts
City, State Zip: Toledo, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-478-5100                                        
Toll Free: 800-449-7773                                            

8. Aetna A-1 Auto Parts
Aetna is Cleveland`s quality used automobile car parts dealer. We buy used cars and offer towing service. 
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-271-3000                                        
Email: inf112@aol.com                                             

9. Ace Auto Parts                                                   
City, State Zip: Springfield, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 937-322-0233                                        

10. Airport Auto Parts                                                       
Airport Auto was established in 1970 and is a Member of the Automotive Recyclers Association, NFIB and Ohio Auto & Truck Recyclers Association.                            
City, State Zip: Swanton, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 419-826-1361                                        
Toll Free: 800-349-1141                                            
Fax: 419-826-5006                                         

11. Alexis Auto Parts                                                         
City, State Zip: Sylvania, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 419-882-7168                                        
Toll Free: 800-336-9197                                            

12. All City Auto Wrecking                                                
City, State Zip: Columbus, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 614-294-2556                                       

13. Arlington Auto Wrecking                                                        
City, State Zip: Akron, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 330-434-3466                                        

14. Arrow Auto Parts, Inc.                                                           
City, State Zip: Akron, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 330-773-6871                                        
Toll Free: 800-348-6458                                            

15. Art’s Parts & Salvage                                                  
City, State Zip: Middletown, Ohio USA                                             
Local Phone: 513-424-2733                                        
Toll Free: 800-404-7133                                            

16. Auto Barn                                                          
City, State Zip: Lima, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 419-641-4853                                        
Toll Free: 800-541-5462                                            

17. Auto Savers Advantage Plus                                                 
We have a large inventory of new and used, foreign and domestic auto parts. All parts are stocked and ready when you need them. You can also purchase the parts you need directly from our web site.
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-556-0380                                        
Fax: 440-239-0441                                         
Email: asaplus@ix.netcom.com

18. B & E Auto Wrecking, Inc.                                                     
City, State Zip: Salem, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 330-332-0512                                        
Toll Free: 800-377-0587                                            
Email: tohmaa@valunet.com                                      

19. Bellaire Road Auto Parts                                                        
Offering Quality Used, New Take Off, Aftermarket, New and Rebuilt Auto Parts ready for shipment anywhere in the USA.                                             
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-251-3131                                        
Toll Free: 800-352-8633                                            
Fax: 216-251-2793                                         

20. Belmont Auto Wrecking Co.                                                  
City, State Zip: Lima, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 419-222-4961                                        
Toll Free: 800-398-3487                                            

21. Bennett & Sieg Auto Parts                                                     
City, State Zip: Kenton, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 937-354-4361                                        
Toll Free: 800-676-7276                                            

22. Bo’s Auto                                                           
City, State Zip: Lowellville, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 330-536-8743                                        

23. Bob Karl’s Auto Wrecking                                                      
Over 600 automobiles and light trucks in our used parts inventory.                                   
City, State Zip: Cortland, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 330-372-4145                                        
Email: BKAutoWrecking@aol.com                                         

24. Bob’s Auto Parts & Wrecking                                                
City, State Zip: Milan, Ohio USA                                           
Local Phone: 419-499-2415                                        
Toll Free: 800-853-6266                                           

25. Bob’s Used Auto Parts                        
City, State Zip: Ironton, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 740-532-1245                                        

26. Braun Road Towing and Auto Salvage                                                        
Towing and Auto Salvage                                          
City, State Zip: Belpre, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 740-423-4177                                        
Email: billrenolds@hotmail.com                                            

27. Brims Import Auto Salvage                                                   
We have over 7,000 vehicles in house.                                            
City, State Zip: Kenton, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-675-1099                                        
Toll Free: 800-221-3874                                            
Fax: 419-673-8846                                         

28. Brock’s Auto Parts                                                      
City, State Zip: Malta, Ohio USA                                           
Local Phone: 614-962-3211                                        

29. Broken Wheel Auto Pts & Wrecker                                                 
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-941-4488                                        

30. Buckeye Auto Mart, Inc.                                                        
City, State Zip: Brookfield, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 330-448-2886                                        
Toll Free: 800-216-2825                                            

31. Buckeye Auto Parts, Inc                                              
Buckeye Auto Parts is a modern auto recycling facility. Most of our inventory is pre-dismantled and stored in a 25,000sf warehouse facility. Our parts carry a standard 30 day warranty and extended warranties are available. American and Foreign.
City, State Zip: Columbus, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 614-488-9773                                        
Toll Free: 800-358-1234                                            
Email: sales@buckeyeautoparts.com                                              

32. Bucyrus Motors                                      
City, State Zip: Bucyrus, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 419-562-2691                                        

33. Budget Auto Parts Inc.                                                 
City, State Zip: Ashtabula, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 440-992-1111                                        

34. CB Auto Parts Salvage                                      
City, State Zip: Oak Hill, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 740-682-7744                                        

35. Camp Auto Salvage                                                     
City, State Zip: Barberton, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 330-745-5579                                        
Toll Free: 800-745-0655                                            

36. Carthage Used Auto Parts                                                     
We have been in business since 1954.                                             
City, State Zip: Cincinnati, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 513-761-4887                                        
Toll Free: 800-437-5715                                            
Fax: 513-761-0209                                         
Email: sales@carthageauto.com                                           

37. Center Street Auto, Inc.                                                         
Computerized Inventory and we have Over 2,000 Vehicles in House.
City, State Zip: Youngstown, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 330-743-0695                                        
Fax: 330-743-9902

38. Central City Auto Parts
City, State Zip: Columbus, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 614-276-9671                                        
Toll Free: 800-357-7969                                            

39. Central City Auto Parts                                               
Leading the Salvage Business into the next Millenium.                                           
City, State Zip: Columbus, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 614-276-9617                                        
Toll Free: 800-357-7969                                            
Fax: 614-276-7722                                         

40. Chardon Auto Wrecking                                             
City, State Zip: Chardon, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 440-286-9523                                        
Toll Free: 800-682-2959                                            

41. Cherry Auto Parts                                            
Searchable inventory specializing in Late-Model Imports & Daimler-Chrysler products. Clean, Low-mile parts available with 6 month & 1 year warranties. Over 50 years of serving professionals and retail.
City, State Zip: Toledo, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-476-7222                                        
Toll Free: 800-537-8677                                            
Fax: 419-470-6388                                         
Email: info@cherry-auto.com                                              

42. City Auto Wrecking Co.
American and foreign used auto parts at cheap, cheap, deep discount prices   
City, State Zip: CLEVELAND, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 216-441-4106                                        
Email: ljogjogjog@aol.com                                        

43. City Recycling                                        
City, State Zip: Doylestown, Ohio USA                                            
Toll Free: 877-882-3400                                            

44. Clayton Auto Parts & Wrecking                                            
City, State Zip: Clayton, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 937-836-2639                                        

45. Cleveland Road Auto                                         
We sell used auto and truck parts for most every vehicle both foreign and domestic. We specialize in Saab and Volvo.                                       
City, State Zip: RAVENNA, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 330-296-3056                                        
Toll Free: 800-245-8755                                            
Fax: 330-296-8576                                         
Email: CLEVELANDROAD@HOTMAIL.COM                                         

46. Conrad’s Auto Parts                                         
All but cut parts are off and on the shelf. We have good eyes and know right from wrong.   
City, State Zip: Alliance, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 330-823-2555                                        
Toll Free: 800-CAR-PART                                           
Fax: 330-823-2556                                         

47. Creston Auto Recycling                                              
Used Auto parts. Many years and models available. Reasonably priced and can ship most anywhere. Call if searching for a part. Visa/MC accepted.    
City, State Zip: Creston, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 330-435-4441                                        
Toll Free: 800-210-3349                                            
Email: Tambrieknl@cs.com

48. D&M Wrecking, Inc.                                         
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-961-8500

49. DAVIDS AUTO REPAIR                                      
We specialize in used car and truck parts. we also repair any make and model car or truck.                                        
City, State Zip: LITCHFIELD, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 330-721-6591                                        
Fax: 330-721-6591                                         
Email: DRIVER2103@MSN.COM                                            

50. Dave`s Crissey Road Auto Parts                                                      
Our specialty is late GM, Ford, Chrysler and Small Trucks.
City, State Zip: Holland, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-865-2329                                        
Toll Free: 800-845-0270                                            
Fax: 419-865-1231                                         

51. Deercreek Auto Parts                                                
City, State Zip: Williamsport, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 614-221-3337                                        
Toll Free: 800-257-1548                                            

52. Deercreek Auto Parts                                                
Deercreek Auto was established in 1957 and is a Member of the Automotive Recyclers Association   
City, State Zip: Williamsport, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 740-986-2811                                        
Toll Free: 800-257-1548                                            
Fax: 740-986-2011                                         

53. Deercreek Truck Parts                                                          
Offering Quality Used, Aftermarket, New Take Off, Rebuilt, New and Large Truck Parts ready for shipment anywhere in the USA.                                               
City, State Zip: Circleville, Ohio USA                                      
Local Phone: 740-221-4686                                        
Toll Free: 800-533-3740                                            
Fax: 740-474-3083                                         

54. Deercreek Truck Parts                                                          
City, State Zip: Williamsport, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 614-221-4686                                        
Toll Free: 800-533-3740                                            

55. Del-Car Used Auto Parts                                                        
City, State Zip: Westerville, Ohio USA                                             
Local Phone: 614-882-0777                                        
Toll Free: 800-732-8502                                            

56. Denison Auto Parts                                                     
Over 17 Acres of Late Model Automobiles                                        
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-671-9000                                        
Toll Free: 800-328-9001                                            
Fax: 216-252-7033                                         

57. Diamond Auto Wrecking, Inc.                                                           
Quality Recycled Auto Parts                                       
City, State Zip: Salem, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 330-337-3556                                        
Email: diamondato@aol.com                                      

58. Downtown Auto Parts                                                
City, State Zip: Cincinnati, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 513-531-9800                                        
Toll Free: 888-570-5690                                            

59. Duck Creek Auto                                                          
Computerized Inventory and we have Over 600 Vehicles in House.
City, State Zip: Cincinnati, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 513-321-9278                                        
Fax: 513-321-1060                                         

60. Dundee Automotive, Inc.                                                       
City, State Zip: Dundee, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 330-362-6686                                        
Toll Free: 800-362-6686                                            

61. Edgerton Auto Salvage                                                           
City, State Zip: Edgerton, Ohio USA                                      
Local Phone: 419-298-2566                                        
Toll Free: 800-272-4097                                            

62. Findlay Auto Parts, Inc.                                                         
City, State Zip: Findlay, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-299-3336                                        

63. Fireside Auto Wrecking                                                          
We have all late Model Salvage and keep a Large Inventory of Late Model Truck Parts.
City, State Zip: Bellevue, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 419-483-2653                                        
Toll Free: 800-445-3135                                            
Fax: 419-483-0693                                         

64. Fulton Road Auto Wrecking   
Fast courteous service, world wide shipping, most credit cards accepted.
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-651-2727                                        
Email: lrhig@msn.com

65. G W Pierce Auto Parts                                                
City, State Zip: New Paris, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 937-437-2461                                        
Toll Free: 800-762-2951                                            

66. Goebel Wrecking Co.                                                  
City, State Zip: Bryan, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 419-636-7111                                        

67. Harris Automotive                                                       
City, State Zip: Loudinville, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 419-994-4224                                        
Toll Free: 800-323-8641                                            

68. Helman Auto Parts                                                      
City, State Zip: Sidney, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 937-498-4768                                        
Toll Free: 800-231-8733                                            

69. Hi-Way 101                                                       
City, State Zip: Tiffin, Ohio USA                                           
Local Phone: 419-447-7041                                        

70. Howard`s Auto Parts                                                 
City, State Zip: Grand Rapids, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 419-832-2853                                        

71. Hunter Auto Wrecking                                                
We have Over 100,000 Parts and 600 -700 Vehicles in House.
City, State Zip: Kinsman, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 330-772-4861                                        
Fax: 330-772-5417                                         

72. J.C. Radiator & Salvage                                                          
City, State Zip: Columbus, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 614-491-1954                                        

73. Joes Auto and Truck Parts                                                    
Owned and operated over 40 years. 5 acres used parts                                         
City, State Zip: Holland, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-829-4683                                        
Email: pormorthius@hotmail.com                                         

74. Kil Kare Auto                                                     
We have over 75,000 parts in inventory.                                         
City, State Zip: Xenia, Ohio USA                                           
Local Phone: 937-426-5233                                        
Toll Free: 800-KIL-KARE                                            
Fax: 937-427-2001                                         

75. Kil Kare Auto Wrecking                                                          
City, State Zip: Xenia, Ohio USA                                           
Local Phone: 973-426-5233                                        
Toll Free: 800-545-5273                                            

76. Kirby Auto & Truck Parts                                                       
City, State Zip: Richwood, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 740-943-2090                                        
Toll Free: 800-421-7358                                            

77. Kurkey Auto Wrecking Inc.                                                   
12 acres of used auto parts and rebuildable cars and trucks. Presently in our twentieth year of doing business in northeast Ohio. We are presently using the Hollander yard management system with Eden parts locating nationwide, as well as shipping.                                            
City, State Zip: Ravenna, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 330-297-1178                                        
Toll Free: 800-489-8441                                            
Fax: 330-297-9144                                         
Email: usedparts1178@cs.com                                             

78. Lancaster Auto Recycling, Inc.         
Lancaster Auto Recycling is a modern auto recycling facility. Most of our inventory is pre-dismantled and stored in a 25,000sf warehouse facility. All mechanical parts are tested and cleaned prior to shipping for quality assurance.
City, State Zip: Lancaster, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 740-687-1297                                        
Toll Free: 800-860-1297                                            
Fax: Call                                             
Email: sales@lancasterauto.com                                           

79. Lowes Garage Parts Salvage & Svc                                                 
City, State Zip: Amanda, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 740-969-2059                                        

80. Mars Auto & Truck Parts                                                        
City, State Zip: Mogadore, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 330-628-9909                                        

81. Mars Auto & Truck Parts                                                        
We specialize in cars and trucks 5 years and older. We also keep a large selection of pickups. All parts are computer inventoried. We ship most parts within 24 hours via UPS, FEDEX, or freight tru
City, State Zip: Mogadore, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 330-628-9900                                        
Toll Free: 800-310-1834                                            
Email: marsautotruck@aol.com                                            

82. Marshall Imports                                                         
City, State Zip: Bluffton, Ohio USA                                       
Toll Free: 800-367-1901                                            

83. Marshalls Auto                                                 
Offering Quality Used and New Take Off Parts ready for shipment anywhere in the USA.      
City, State Zip: Bluffton, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 419-358-1901                                        
Toll Free: 800-367-1901                                            
Fax: 419-358-0544                                         

84. Miamitown Auto                                                           
We Carry New Take-Off Grilles & Seats.                                         
City, State Zip: Cleves, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 513-353-1111                                        
Toll Free: 800 245 2886                                            
Fax: 513-353-1042                                         

85. Mike’s Auto Salvage                                                    
City, State Zip: Kirtland, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 440-942-7201                                        

86. Miller Auto Wrecking                                                  
City, State Zip: Hopewell, Ohio USA                                      
Local Phone: 740-452-2971                                        

87. Milliron Auto Parts                                                       
We can supply all your front ends, doors, rear clips, bumpers, deck lids, tailgates, taillights, beds, cabs, engines, transmissions, front and rear axles.
City, State Zip: Mansfield, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 419-747-4566                                        
Toll Free: 800-747-4566                                            
Fax: 419-747-1539                                         

88. New Carlisle Auto Parts                                                         
12 acres of cars and light trucks in the heart of the Miami Valley.Specializing in 80`s & 90`s. Family owned and operated since 1939.WOW!!!                                      
City, State Zip: New Carlisle, Ohio USA                                           
Local Phone: 937-845-3236                                        
Fax: 937-845-3869                                         
Email: NCAPARTS@aol.com                                       

89. Ohio Auto Salvage, Inc.                                                          
On our 15 acre lot, we feature 1500 vehicles and currently carry over 38,000 parts.
City, State Zip: Columbiana, Ohio USA                                            
Local Phone: 330-xxx-xxxx                                        
Toll Free: 800-332-1980                                            
Fax: 330-482-1231                                         

90. Ours Sales & Service                                                   
Parts for Domestic & Foreign from late 70`s to present.                                       
City, State Zip: Somerset, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 740-743-1013                                        
Email: oursautoparts@yahoo.com                                         

91. Pearl Road Auto Parts                                                
5 acres of American and Foreign cars and light trucks. 1970`s to 1990`s. We specialize in Rust Free doors, bumpers and gas tanks.                                            
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-661-8410                                        
Email: pearl@stratos.net                                           

92. Powerline Auto Systems, Inc.                                                          
We primarily deal in the big three brand of automobiles, mostly front wheel drive cars and SUVs we maintain a considerable stock of these vehicles and also sell a huge number of re-buildable cars and trucks to compliment our business. We have a 30                                       
City, State Zip: Kitts Hill, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 740-532-0139                                        
Toll Free: 800-482-6260                                            
Fax: 740-532-0460                                         
Email: rjackson@altavista.net                                              

93. Ridge Road Auto Parts                                                           
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-281-7956                                        
Toll Free: 800-837-7283                                            

94. Route 43 Auto Parts                                                    
City, State Zip: Cleveland, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 216-991-4300                                        

95. Rt. 60 Auto Salvage                                                     
We buy and sell all types of automobile parts. Another service that is provided by us is the buying and selling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
City, State Zip: Greenwich, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 419-929-3111                                        
Email: route60_autosalvage@yahoo.com                                         

96. Ruben Bros.Inc                                                
25 acres, fenced in. Over 5,000 cars! Mid 80`s to 2001 foreign and domestic cars and trucks late model re-buildables Quality parts and good service!
City, State Zip: Cincinnati, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 513-353-3377                                        
Toll Free: 800-745-3378                                            
Fax: 513-353-3379                                         
Email: KASEY10447@fuse.net                                              

97. Rusk Brothers Wrecking                                                        
City, State Zip: Ashley, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 740-747-2231                                        
Toll Free: 800-843-3537                                            

98. Schneider Auto Parts                                                  
City, State Zip: Cincinnati, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 513-871-3004                                        

99. St. James Auto & Truck Wrecking                                                   
City, State Zip: Galion, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 419-468-1541                                        

100. Stricker Auto Parts                                                   
We have all makes and models. Specializing in rebuilt engines transmission and new radiators. With 1,500 Vehicles in house.                                           
City, State Zip: Batavia, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 513-732-1152                                        
Toll Free: 800-582-5405                                            
Fax: 513-732-2451                                         
Email: artsallcar@aol.com                                         

101. Stumps Auto Wrecking                                                        
Specializing in79-93 Mustang cars and parts.                                              
City, State Zip: Tiro, Ohio USA                                             
Local Phone: 419-492-2805                                        
Toll Free: 800-816-6988                                            
Fax: 419-492-2805                                         
Email: cfa@willard-oh.com                                        

102. T-N-T Auto Parts                                                       
City, State Zip: Fairpoint, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 740-695-1526                                        

103. Tommy’s Enterprises                                                           
City, State Zip: Gallipolis, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 740-446-0745                                        

104. Tower Auto Recycling                                                          
City, State Zip: Ava, Ohio USA                                             
Local Phone: 740-732-5641                                        

105. Town & Country Auto                                                           
We specialize in light trucks.                                      
City, State Zip: Amanda, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 740-969-2112                                        
Fax: 740-969-3170                                         

106. Triplett Auto Recyclers ASAP
Triplett ASAP was established in 1948. We have 500 vehicles in house and offer next day delivery of parts to Ohio and Pennsylvania areas.                                              
City, State Zip: Akron, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 330-733-6336                                        
Toll Free: 800-822-5555                                            
Fax: 330-733-3629                                         

107. Tuck Salvage                                                  
Over 60 old cars                                            
City, State Zip: Jacobsburg, Ohio USA                                             
Local Phone: 740-676-9539                                        
Email: toby420@hotmail.com

108. Van Wert Auto Salvage                    
City, State Zip: Convoy, Ohio USA                                        
Local Phone: 419-749-1117                                        
Toll Free: 800-635-8378                                            

109. Walt’s Auto, Inc.                                                        
Walt`s has a large selection of new and used auto and truck parts and repairable wrecks. We specialize in 1990 and newer cars and trucks, foreign and domestic.
City, State Zip: Springfield, Ohio USA                                              
Local Phone: 937-323-2558                                        
Toll Free: 800-325-7564                                            
Fax: 937-323-7572                                         
Email: waltsauto@voyager.net                                             

110. Wayne’s Auto                                                 
Our specialties include S-10 Blazer, S-10 Pickups (65% GM), Pickups 1 Ton and Down. 4x4 and 2WD.         
City, State Zip: Dover, Ohio USA                                          
Local Phone: 330-343-9322                                        
Toll Free: 800-545-7809                                            
Fax: 330-343-1114                                         

111. Weaver’s Auto Parts                                                
City, State Zip: Brookville, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 937-833-5300                                        

112. Westwood Auto & Truck Parts                                                       
Est. 1977, 25 acres, 100,000 sq ft warehouse, all our parts our on-line: www.westwoodautoparts.com We do American-Foreign-Light Trucks
City, State Zip: Toledo, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-535-1116                                        
Toll Free: 800-720-1116                                            
Fax: 419-535-6085                                         
Email: sales@west.actual-america.com                                           

113. White City Auto                                                          
We Carry New, Rebuilt and Aftermarket Parts                                           
City, State Zip: Hamilton, Ohio USA                                       
Local Phone: 513-896-6672                                        
Toll Free: 800-354-4195                                            
Fax: 513-896-7110                                         

114. Wirthman Brothers, Inc.                                                     
We specialize in late model foreign and domestic auto and trucks, air bags, wheels, motors & trans.
City, State Zip: Columbus, Ohio USA                                               
Local Phone: 614-231-4200                                        
Toll Free: 800-433-4364                                            
Fax: 614-231-1968                                         
Email: wirthman@netwalk.com                                            

115. Woodville Auto                                                           
We have all late model domestic and foreign vehicles. Specializing in full line cores. And 750 Vehicles in house.                                               
City, State Zip: Toledo, Ohio USA                                         
Local Phone: 419-691-4677                                        
Fax: 419-691-6041